Current Works-in-Progress

Last Updated: 07/19/16

As I tend to jump back and forth when talking about which projects I’m working on at any given time, I thought I’d add a section letting y’all know where I’m at in each one. I’ve also linked to each project’s tag page, in case you’re looking for more in-depth information. Look, I don’t know why you’d do any of this, but it seemed like a fun project when I started.

The Witch-mother’s Coven

In 1912, Nora’s first child was stillborn. Three years later and pregnant, the fear of it happening again eats at her. Desperate to find some closure, she tracks the nurse who cared for her during her first birth to an apothecary. But she doesn’t find closure when she arrives. She finds her three-year-old daughter being raised by a witch.

I started this draft in November 2015 for NaNoWriMo. As of July 2016, the first draft has been finished, and it has been set aside to percolate.

Seven Sisters

The daughter of one of the seven most powerful families in their system, Aurelia wants for very little. Just freedom, the power to work in her father’s business, and released from her mother’s machinations toward marriage. When the latter proves impossible, Aurelia flees a repugnant arranged marriage. What she finds with her freedom overwhelms her: she was stolen as a baby from an overthrown monarchy. Now there’s an entire underground network waiting for her and six other hidden princesses to put an end to the twenty-year coup that started when her birth-father was killed.

I started this novel with the working title “Disney Princesses Kick Ass in Space.” It’s the only novel I’ve started knowing it would need multiple books, and it was the first novel where I wrote a synopsis first. (Best. Decision. Ever.) This is also when I realized that I might be better served by calling my genre aspirations “tech fantasy” instead of “sci-fi.”

As of July 2016, I’ve trunked the first 30K I wrote, and have make several tweaks to the story and setting as I start from scratch.