Writing Progress & Data: So, February Happened.

You may remember that January was a great month, full of optimism and helpful data and all that nonsense. It was a good time, and I predicted being done with The Witch-mother’s Coven by now.

I am not done with The Witch-mother’s Coven, because February did not go like I predicted. I only wrote six days out of the whole 29, and wrote about 6300 words. This is not at all what I expected when I ended out January, but I’m not beating myself up too much. I made progress in the novel, so it’s not as though I wasted the whole month.

Some of my distraction from writing is for very good super exciting reasons (two of them!) that I promise I will write about when the time is right. That time is not right yet, but it ate up a lot of my brainspace and provided a lot of distraction from writing.

Some of my distraction was for the less fun, more mundane reason of just having a busy month, which wore on me mentally a lot. Either there wasn’t time to write, or when there was time, I was too exhausted from everything else going on. I got overwhelmed with everything by the end of the month and went full-hermit for four days to cope. I’ve taken a step back socially for a week or two here to recharge, which isn’t like me but has helped a lot.

Either way, the cummulative effect was a lack of habit and a loss of momentum. This is a known quantity for me, but just because it’s known doesn’t mean that it’s conscious or that I always recognize it as a pattern.

So with this in mind, I now get to reframe my goals. Right now, I’m just going to move the goal post: I want to finish The Witch-mother’s Coven in March. I’m right up next to the climax — I think, anyway. I’ve got that weird thing where I’ve been unplugged from the story for a while and need to reconnect with it for a bit before I remember where I was and how the flow was going.

We’ll just have to see what the month brings.


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